WHY SHOULD WE? (Continued...)

Many people have assisted me in trying to fulfill this task, all with an open mind and heart. The best way to explain it is this- God has shown the need, He is providing the people, and He requires me to continue pursuing the goal. Yet there are more people needed to help. What can the rest of His children do in helping to move His plan forward? I feel and believe the possibilities are vastly beyond our comprehension.

Statistics are showing that Canada is becoming a pagan country, and that foreign missionaries are being assigned here, to help us. Imagine, our own backyards need as much cleaning up and restoration, as the countries and nations we send our missionaries to! With this in mind, another God-given aspect of this plan comes to life.

Operation Temporary Emergency Shelter (O.T.E.S.) needs man power, financial contributions, logistical support, access to other missions groups, and much prayer. We here in Canada have it all. We can help spread God's love and grace around the world, and can also revive a commitment to " practice what we preach" right here with our own people. Canadians are also God's children. We have an abundance of resources to draw on, and actually live a very blessed life. If we have more than our other brothers and sisters in Christ, who live in places of great need, we could share some of our riches with them. We can bring Matthew 25: vs. 31 to 46 to life. Jesus said "when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me".

Men's groups across this country, perhaps even farther, would provide the materials necessary to build these units and assist in the transport of the units for storage, prior to distribution, destined where God needs it to go. These men's groups would act as an outreach into their communities, working with their church alone, or combined with other churches, and hopefully inviting individuals from the community. The purpose of extending God's love, grace and mercy to our own backyard, is as important as reaching out to the rest of the world. This plan is from God, for His purpose, and for no other.

So now the question, "Why should we..." participate in this program ? I have shared with you my reasons, how about you?

I trust God will show you a way to participate in O.T.E.S.. Please pray for this program, and His needful children, everywhere.

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