Caring people, who desire to lessen the hard, painful and very real hardships thrust upon persons and communities, are the backbone of O.T.E.S. The opportunity to assist and help others in need, I believe is a mandatory function we must accept, and contribute to. Can you help?

We are so abundantly blessed here, and for the most part, cannot truly understand the misery that millions of people experience daily, around the world. Can you help?

Here is how you can help.

  1. As you think of the hurting people in many third world countries, pray for them, and their leaders. Please pray also for safety of the missionaries assisting them.

  2. Consider committing to financially helping O.T.E.S. each month, as a working partnership.

  3. Remember to tell others of the disasters happening globally; encourage their support and prayers.

The O.T.E.S. method of construction.

O.T.E.S. has been allocated a section of land in Los Amates, in southern Guatemala. A Christian land developer has set this property aside, and his hope is that O.T.E.S. will use this property to start a production facility there, to build the homes in Los Amates.

We will have a purchased shipping container positioned on the property, to use as secure locked storage, for materials and tools. We will set up production “jigs”, to hasten panel production, and to have better quality control of the finished product.

We will be purchasing as much of the building materials locally as we can, in Los Amates. These funds will be beneficial to their economy, as well as reduce our shipping costs.

We will be hiring local men to be trained for the production of the panels. We will be hiring local men also, to be trained for the assembly of the panels, which will complete the homes. The act of hiring local men reduces the number of teams and trips, thereby reducing costs for O.T.E.S. Also, men can be hired there and given employment, benefiting the man, the family, the community, the local economy, and the church. This man’s salary for the entire year would be equal to the cost associated to taking 1 (one) person there for a typical mission trip of 10 days.

How can you help?

Can you help by joining O.T.E.S. as a financial partner?

Can you be a prayer partner for O.T.E.S.?

Whatever your participation, thank you for helping those who have lost it all! May God Bless you.

Thank you for your prayers, your support and hopefully your participation.
Contact us for more information.
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